How to Clean Newborn Mouth and Tongue

Guidelines to Clean Your Newborn Baby’s Mouth and Tongue

If you have a newborn baby, then you should start cleaning earlier the mouth and tongue to ensure more protection. Cleaning your baby’s tongue is extremely important because it helps to improve oral conditions to a large extent.

Another thing is that it gives ways to prevent germs that will cause infections and other issues significantly.

Why You Should Keep Your Baby’s Mouth and Tongue Clean?

Although your newborn baby doesn’t have teeth, it becomes difficult for him/her to wash sway the milk residue. This will result in white coating causing various troubles.

Leaving breast milk or formula residues for more days develops bacteria in your baby’s mouth. This will result in a discolored tongue and cause fungal infections.

Therefore, you should keep your baby’s mouth and tongue clean properly to avoid potential risks and other complications.

How to Clean Your Newborn’s Mouth and Tongue?

Keep Your Hands Clean

It is the first step to follow when cleaning your newborn’s mouth and tongue. You should keep your hands clean before starting the procedure that will help prevent germs from spreading.

How to clean newborn mouth and tongue? Wash your hands with soap and warm water while performing the cleaning process.

Use Gauze Or Finger Cloth for Cleaning

You can use either a gauze or finger cloth for cleaning purposes. Also, you can consider buying tongue cleaners from a medical store while cleaning the tongue. You should moisten the gauze with warm water and wrap the same around your finger.

Next, you should rest your baby in a comfortable position and use your hands to clean the mouth. You should cradle your arm in one arm while cleaning the tongue.

Rub Your Baby’s Tongue

Do you want to know how to clean a newborn mouth and tongue with a cloth or gauze? You should place a cloth into your baby’s open mouth. Gently scrape the tongue in a circular motion to remove the white coating.

It is wise not to use your entire finger in the baby’s mouth to avoid unwanted issues. Massage your teeth and gums after cleaning the tongue.

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