How to Grow Baby Hair On Forehead

How to Grow Baby Hair On ForeheadLove styling your hair but can’t do it now for the receding frontline? This is a problem that most women are facing today, you are not alone! You must have noticed that the soft and fragile delicate ‘baby hair’ is missing from the frontline and thus giving you a bald look.

Surprised that they are called ‘baby’ hair? They are known so because they resemble the texture of a baby’s hair.

They add volume to your frontline and although they may be invisible to the eyes. It’s baby hair that gives your front hairline a fuller look.

Once You Know The Importance of Baby Hair You Must be Thinking How to Grow Baby Hair On The Forehead?

Before learning about the tips for growing baby hair it’s important to understand the hair growth process. There are three stages in the hair life cycle.

They are the growth phase or anagen, the transitional phase or catagen, and the resting phase or telogen.

It is during the anagen phase when the hair cells multiply rapidly, the result is growth in the hair shaft that makes them longer. Baby hair grows when under certain situations the anagen is shortened.

What Makes Baby Hair So Important?

Due to various reasons, you may notice that the front hairline is receding, i.e. the baby hair is not growing properly. Some may be happy with their mane but without the edges, your forehead will look broader.

Moreover, the hairline too looks voluminous with good growth of baby hair. Thus, most women who want to look good and have voluminous hair always look for the answer of how to grow baby hair on forehead.

Before trying anything you must also understand the reason that may be reducing the hairline. Try to reduce your stress. Check out if there is any hair loss condition that your scalp is facing! Another problem may be hormonal misbalance.

For such issues, you may need medical attention. Otherwise, you can try the following for growing baby hairs on forehead.

What Are The Ways to Grow Baby Hair On Forehead?

The first thing that you must remember that just like any other part of your body, your hair too needs nutrition. Thus, you need to ensure that you are providing your hair follicles enough nutrients.

1) Hair Follicles Needs Nutrients

First things first, you need to have a nutritious diet. If you cannot eat a healthy and nutritious diet there is no use of following the rest of the tips.

In order to keep the edges bouncy, you must supply yourself with minerals, vitamins, and proteins. Thus, it is best to include leafy greens, plant beans, citrus fruits, dairy products, animal meat, and chicken eggs in your diet.

2) Shoo The Stressors Away

Stress not only affects your body but it affects your hair too! Stress triggers the production of androgen and cortisol. These are harmful to the edges.

Thus, it’s best to avoid any stressful situation. Sometimes it may seem impossible to evade stress, but you must at least learn to manage stress.

3) Be Gentle to The Edges

For your locks, you should be very careful. The baby hairs are very delicate and sparse. You must brush them very carefully, don’t be harsh on them while brushing.

Apart from then, it’s good not to expose them to any harsh chemical that may thin out the strands further. Also, avoid doing tight hairstyles that might irritate the follicles.

4) Moisturize, Moisturize, and Moisturize

In order to protect the edges, you need to keep them moisturized. If they get dry they will fall off, thus you need to coat them with a protective layer.

When you apply some hair moisturizer it seals any cracks on the cuticles and just stops moisture loss. If you apply hair products baby hair will be kept moisturized.

5) Avoid Too Much Exposure to Heat and Pollution

Another problem that leads to hair loss is heat and pollution. When the hairs are exposed to too much heat they become thin and brittle. They break off easily.

Thus, try to avoid styling tools like curling irons, blow-dryers, and hair strengtheners. Even UV rays can also be harmful for a baby’s hair. Try to avoid constant sun rays.

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6) Follow a Healthy Regime for Baby Hair

Finally, to grow baby hair you need to ensure that you nourish the hair properly. For this, you can try the following.

  • Do olive oil massage as it has anti-inflammatory and antioxidants properties that boost the baby hair on your forehead. Take some olive oil and massage it on your forehead. It will keep the skin nourished and boost hair growth. Need to repeat it every day for at least a month to notice new growth.
  • Aloe Vera is full of enzymes that help baby hair grow quicker. Scoop out fresh Aloe Vera gel from aloe vera leaves and massage it on the forehead. Wash it off after some time. You will notice changes soon. You can also use aloe Vera juice.
  • Camphor hair not only restores the pH balance of skin but also helps in the growth of baby hair. It stimulates blood flow and boosts hair growth. Mix 2 spoons of Camphor oil with an equal amount of yoghurt and massage it on the forehead. Wait for an hour and wash it off.
  • Onion juice is also useful as it contains sulfur that is good for the growth of baby hair. Smash onion to take out the juice and apply it on your forehead. Leave for an hour and wash it off.
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