How Much Does Hair Weigh [Some Factors & Answer]

How Much Hair Weigh?

Did you ever think that how much your hair weigh? No! Well, this article is written just for you. You are probably curious about weighing your hair in a way but the question is, how do you do this and why should you do this?

In Simple, hair weighs between 2-5 ounces even though you have very long hair and thick hair. When you have shorter hair, you will unlikely notice a change on you if you don’t use a scale. Having wet hair might weigh more but the extra weight is very hard to identify.

In this article I will try to answer all of your hair related questions and explain them in details. Like, what the hair is made of, how much does it weigh, how can you improve your hair growth and some interesting and exciting facts about human hair. Follow this article.

Index of Contents

  • What Does Hair Made Of?
  • How Hair Grows?
  • How Hair May Affect Your Weight?
  • How Much A Hair Follicle Weighs?
  • How Much Your Hair Weighs When It Is Wet?
  • How Can You Improve Your Hair Growth?
  • Interesting Facts about Your Hair That You Don’t Even Know
  • By Cutting Your Hair Can Improve Weight Loss?

What does Hair made of?

Hair anatomy is very complex beyond your imagination. Hair looks like a lifeless weight all over you for just fashionable reason. Doesn’t it? Well, it is not exactly what it seems. In the terms of hair it is something more than just a looking for the eye, literally.

Though hair plays a very important role in the presence of men and women by giving gender identification. It plays a delicate part in the transmission of sensory information. And also regulates the body temperature, offers some protection for the body.

Hair is made up of keratin, a strong protein composed of dead cells that forms your nails and other parts of your skin. It refers that the hair you are seeing isn’t a living structure.

A strand of hair is constructed three layers:

1. The medulla: the inside layer
2. The cortex: the middle layer
3. The cuticle: the outer layer

The cortex builds the most of the hair shaft. The cortex and medulla includes the hair pigment and it determines the color of someone’s hair.

Your narrow hair grows from a root that lies under the hair follicle. Each strand of hair is attached into the skin by it.
The bulb located at the bottom of the hair follicle made up of living cells that actively divides and receives nourishment from blood capillaries.

These blood capillaries carries hormones that causes the rate of hair growth. The structure of hair varies as you grow older.
The bulb cells divide faster than other cells in your body. They divide between every 24-72 hours.

How does Hair grow?

The process of the growth of your hair in parted in three major phases:

How does Hair grow?

Anagen (Growth Phase): In this phase approximately the maximum amount of your hair is continuously starts to grow in about an inch every three months. Like this, your scalp hair will continue to grow at this phase for about 2-6 years.

That long time is counted for some people who can grow their hair longer than others. Mostly, more than 85% of your hair on your head are currently at this stage.

Catagen (Transition phase):

This phase is transitional. In this phase your hair growth stops and hair follicles are remain contract. It can happen over some weeks. Just only about 3% of hair on your head is at this stage.

Telogen (Rest phase):

Your hair growth fully stops. The shaft removes from the hair follicle. The procedure starts from the beginning with an active grow of hair shaft pushing out hair that has reached to this stage.

You will simply lose between 50-100 hairs each day in this process. Approximately, 8% hair of your hair on your head lies at this stage.

How Hair May Affect Your Weight?

The answer of this question is not quite that simple. There are many variations of answers. Many people have different kinds of hair. And they also have different lengths or they even have variety of thickness as their hair variations are unique and different from each other.

The scalp of human contains about estimated on an average of 100,000 hair follicles. There is a difference between Brunettes and Redheads hair scalp. As per records Brunettes have more hair follicles and redheads have the fewest.

Many sources have identified that on basic on average, a head full of long hair is approximately weighing between 1-2 ounces.

How Much A Hair Follicle Weighs?

The approximately average of 100,000 hair strands on a head full of hair. It has weight between one or two ounces. The single weight of a hair strand will be 0.3-0.6 milligrams. Note: (1 ounce=28,349.5 milligrams).

But you should keep in mind that a single strand of hair has different values that varies person to person. Just because each person’s strand of hair weight, thickness and length varies from each other according to their color, creed variations.

How Much Your Hair Weighs When It Is Wet?

There is a fact that your hair can retain some water when you come out of the shower. And the water that contains in your hair depends on the thickness and length of your hair.

The longer and thicker your hair is the more weigh will be when your hair will absorb the water. On the other hand if your hair is short then your hair will more likely to absorb less water. Simple as that. However, it’s really impossible to tell that how much your hair will weigh when it becomes wet.

If your hair is long and thick then you will more likely to have an extra weight of one pound on your hair. And there is probably nothing important to tell about if your hair is short, as the weight of your hair might increase by few ounces.

How Can You Improve Your Hair Growth?

The growth of a person’s hair is on average about 6 inches per year. It has discovered by science that the growth of your hair and the things that need to improve the quality of your hair.

But there is no specific standard that gives the information that actually how to speed up your growth rate of your hair. There is none.

The speed of hair growth is controlled by your:

  • Age
  • Hair type and
  • Health condition

Here is some tips that how to make your hair grow stronger:

By eating a healthy nutritious, balanced diet that consist of foods including vitamins. It will increase the hair growth. Foods which are rich in Omega-3 and 6 works very well for the growth of your hair.

Use essential oils. Like, pumpkin seed oil has proven that it increases the hair count in men by increasing up to 40%. According to studies, it have shown that essential oils might not be applied directly to hair.

Perhaps, diluted that in a shampoo or in other oils like castor, sunflower or coconut oil. It will prevent hair damage.

Interesting Facts about Your Hair That You Don’t Even Know
Here are 6 Interesting Facts about Hair That Might Surprise You

  1. World’s longest hair belongs to a Woman named Xie Qiuping of China at 18 feet 5.54 inches that has been measured on May 8th, 2004. She took 31 years to grow her hair.
  2. The normal rate of hair fall of a human is 100. Yes, that is right. On average a human loses his/her hair by 100 per day.
  3. A young fetus has formed all its hair follicles at the week of 22.
  4. Human does not generate their new hair follicles in the entire span of their life.
  5. There are only 3 places on your body where hair doesn’t grow: palms, soles of feet, and lips.
  6. A strand of hair can support up to 3.5 ounces (100 grams) of weight. Which means if all your hair strands were acting like supporting weights. It could add up to ten tons like the weight of two mid-sized African elephants. Isn’t that surprising?

By Cutting Your Hair Can Improve Weight Loss?

  • As the weight of the hair is related to your body weight, cutting hair is not a right way weight-loss strategy. Perhaps, you can, however, follow this:
  • Taking a high-protein diet
  • Eat all of your foods
  • Avoid junk foods
  • Reduce sugar that you take every day
  • Exercise daily like walking, running, hiking, swimming or biking, etc.
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Using a low-carb diet
  • Eat slowly
  • Cooking with coconut oil
  • Get a sound sleep


Actually, hair doesn’t have anything to do with your body weight and it doesn’t affect anything at all. The most are that it can weigh a few ounces.

If your hair is extremely long and thick hair then it might weigh up to 5 ounces. And your hair will be slightly heavy when it is wet. But it is almost impossible to determine the difference.

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