How To Grow Your Hair Overnight With Eggs

Have you ever had a bad haircut? Probably you might have or you might have hair fall problem and the thing you want to do is to grow your hair fast and swiftly.

The basic recipe of hair growth is quite long term process and time consuming but there is a way. Have you ever think of that it could grow overnight? Well, you could. I will tell you the recipe for your hair growth in overnight with a simple recipe.

Many people have different ways and techniques that can help them to seed up their hair growing process. In last couple of years I have noticed that people apply different techniques and also try to hack the system.

There are many ways like, you could hang your head upside down to wash your hair. Almost everyone seems to have fond of healthy, lengthy hair but they don’t want to wait for that.

The overnight mask recipe will help your hair grow long, thick and healthy with very fast procedure in a short duration of time.

Elements that you need for Overnight Hair Mask:

  • 2 eggs
  • 4 spoons Olive Oil
  • 4-6 spoons Coconut Oil

These simple ingredients naturally work like magic. Egg yolk reduce the damage to the hair. Egg yolk contains vitamins A, E, D, Biotin, and Folate. It provides the nutrition where it is needed.

Olive oil have Omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin E. It helps to fight off the damage and it also protects the hair and refill the natural oil back into the scalp. By adding olive oil right into your roots promotes moisturization of dry hair. It allows to grow at a fast speed.

Last of all, coconut oil is considered with gold. With the way that its essential fatty acids nourish the hair scalp. This obstructs the sebum to build up the hair follicles. All in all, this will give you with longer and thicker hair, lightning fast speed!

Beginning the Preparation:

Collect your ingredients. If you want to check your progress, you have to put an old t-shirt and mark it with a washable marker where the tip of your hair ends.

How To Grow Your Hair Overnight
How To Grow Your Hair Overnight With Eggs

Or, you can take a pen and paper if you have a shorter hair and then measure your hair and write it down to a piece of paper, in the morning, you have to measure your hair again in order to notice the differences. You should keep in mind that this isn’t magic, it’s a guaranteed result.

Step One:

Crack two eggs into a bowl and mix them with a fork until it appears in a smooth texture. Then, add four spoons of olive oil there and start mixing it in with the eggs.

Step Two:

Over a sink or tub, pour the mixed eggs and oil into the hair. You should apply those a very small amount at a time. Use your hands to massage this only into your scalp. Make sure that your roots are entirely filled in with that.

This massaging technique makes your blood flow into your scalp. It also helps the hair grow faster and even removes the dandruff.

Step Three:

You should put your hair up, if it has a length, so it does not make a mess. You can wrap your hair in a wrap or a shower cap so that it does not drip down onto your shoulders or clothes. Let this be for an hour or more before washing these off.

Step Four:

After washing off the eggs and olive oil with water, massage both your scalp and the rest of your hair with 4-6 spoons of coconut oil.

This amount may vary depending on the length of your hair that you have. The coconut oil helps hair growth as it also for fixing frizzy hair, adding shine, repairing split ends and providing a soft texture.

Step Five:

Apply and leave the coconut oil in your hair overnight. Do it with wrapped just in case no pillows are sacrificed. While you are sleeping, results are in the processing.

Final Step:

Waking up in the morning, rinse out the coconut oil with your favorite shampoo and conditioner. Measure it and compare it to the length it was before, to see the progress was made. And obviously the results are amazing.

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