How to Remove a Tooth Root at Home

How to Remove a Tooth Root at HomeYou may wonder How to remove a tooth root at home. It is always a wise idea to seek the assistance of a trained dentist to undertake the extraction process. Otherwise, you should wait until the loose tooth falls on its own.

Besides facing extreme pain removing tooth roots at home may develop an infection. Perhaps, visiting the dentist might help save your permanent tooth rather than removing it and having a miserable gap.

You should be aware of the risks involved in pulling out the tooth root without being a trained dentist. But if you experience severe pain, then you should visit an emergency dentist immediately for advice and remedy.

How to Remove a Tooth Root at Home Step by Step Guide

Can you remove your tooth root by yourself? In short, no! It is better not to try taking the risk. It can be extremely painful and also difficult.

You may also not get hold of local anesthesia or have the right expertise as qualified dentists do. It could be that you are finding it difficult to bear the pain anymore.

Moreover, the dentists may be closed during this pandemic time. There might arise situations, where you might require extracting the painful tooth by yourself.

A) ‘String & door’ approach:

This procedure will apply some force, but will not be required if the tooth is ready to fall out. It also runs the risk of damaging tissues in the affected and the surrounding region. Adults should not use this approach as it will lead to severe pain, further dental damage, and infection.

It is best suggested for a child & not an adult and to remove a very loose tooth. Take a strong string and tie it to the tooth that is to be removed.

The other end should be tied to the doorknob. Ask someone to slam close the door. The loose tooth will come out immediately due to the force put on the string. It does work well while being mostly pain-free. However, adults having damaged tooth will only damage their neighboring teeth, bone, or root.

B) Pliers Approach:

It is rather considered to be a dangerous technique to remove the damaged tooth root. It also requires lots of locks and is not found to produce the desired results for everyone.

You need to use sanitized pliers, grab the affected tooth and simply yank it out. Make sure the plier’s tips are wrapped with some gauge to reduce tooth breaking.

But this method can be risky as it can cause extreme pain along with other dental issues. It also requires using lots of force. Instead of following this highly risky method, you may get your tooth pulled by a certified dentist.

Being an adult, removing your permanent tooth root by yourself is not a good idea. You only risk developing infections that will further worsen your dental problems. It might also lead to swelling of the region and can be dangerous. Rather, consult a good dentist to get the tooth root extracted safely and in contained measures.