How to Wash Your hair Without Getting in The Shower

We all have gone through this. There are several reasons that we might not even notice that we wash our hair separately without getting in the shower. The thing is, there is a better way you can do this at home without getting in the shower. Perhaps, you have a clean body but your hair stinks and smells awful.

You can’t go to the shower because you don’t want to. You might been lazy or you ought to have some other reasons for not getting into the shower.

Let’s break down the process of cleaning your hair without getting in the shower. For this kind of situation you will most likely to use a sink at home. It is a great way to clean your hair using a sink. The particular reason you will be taking sink instead of a shampoo bowl as it needs to fill water and carrying motion for the outing.

What’s The Difference Between Washing Hair in Sink & Shower?

A shower and a sink obviously share some distance between them. A sink is basically installed under the kitchen area and on the other hand a shower in installed in the bathroom. But the usage is always almost the same.

A kitchen sink, perhaps, can be used for washing hair for a certain time. There are some pros and cons of them too. We will go through them step by step from the followed discussion.

Babies always stay with their mother and likely to be very fond of using kitchen sink. This is because parents do not want to take them under the shower spending too much time.

For this may cause many kinds of sicknesses. As For the adults, it is really easy to wash hair in a sink and very much quicker than the shower.

How to wash your hair without getting in the shower?

How to Wash Your hair Without Getting in The Shower
How to Wash Your hair Without Getting in The Shower

Get Yourself Ready

Whether you are using shampoo or conditioner, clean your scalp to make a better position for hair. There are many options to choose from like, if your hair is curly or wavy you should use hydrating conditioner or shampoo that will expose your beauty than others.

As for straight hair, volumizing shampoo, or conditioner works better to minimize flatness of hair. For coarse, kinky, or damaged hair, you must look for treatment to improvement in conditioners made with something special.

Wash your head and hair in a sink. While taking preparation, gather the necessary things like shampoo or conditioner, a comb, a towel, and a cup need to arrange before sitting a sink. A step stool will make it easier for sitting in comfort. If all things are in order, start your next step on how to wash hair in a sink.

If you don’t like to get soaked then you should roll-up your sleeves for a perfect washing. You may use a soft cloth to cover the neck-down part of your body. It will absorb water and protect you from the splash of water.

Get Your Hair Wet

Now you should bow to your sink faucet. It means you are going to put your head down. By considering the sink’s height, while you are washing your head. This is important because it allows to estimate the space between the sink and the faucet bending down the sink center.

The sink sitting at the height of the belly, it’s good enough for your head to move. If you have a sink sprayer then it is a plus point for you to hasten the job within fewer annoyance.

Use step-stool to lower yourself to sink’s height if it’s over your belly. It’s totally up to you may or may not wish to use the kitchen sink if it is beneficial for you.

Use the soft speed of water if you don’t want to get things messy. Put your head down under the faucet and be sure of the porous-holes of the sink center that passes water from the sink. You are going to wet your backhead and hair.

Flip over according to the water flow to soak well and you need to expose your head to the water point from the faucet so that you can use a sprayer or cup of water to distribute the whole part of the back head as well as the hair. Your hair is getting ready to be washed with shampoo or conditioner you are going to use.

For front part of your hair, splash some water to it. Soak it randomly so that all of your head and hair are soaked. It will help you to make high lather when you will start shampooing your head.

Get Your Head Lathered

Now, it’s time to apply the shampoo for your hair. Generate the idea of the estimate of hair length before pouring shampoo onto palm. You should remember that you may need to apply the shampoo two or three times until it cleans well. Rub it with soft touch so that the shampoo can produce the lather and reaches of each root of the hair.

Message your scalp while doing so and you need to remove the dirt on your head from air-dust. Once you have cleaned well, it will take a very long time to stick again.

Clean Off Your Head

After you have finished rubbing your head, you ought to wait for a clean shampoo that might cause irritation for your eyes. Just like at the beginning, start to rinse your head again. Throw away water every after a wash and remove all lathery shampoo from your head.

Dry Your Head

It is time for you to rub your head with a dry towel. You should remove the dampness because it is harmful to your hair.

Get Your Hair Combed

Comb your hair and style your hair as much as you like. If you don’t comb your hair and keep it wet for a long time. It might not come to control later. So just after drying it, you should comb it in a style you prefer or make a new one to your fashion choice.

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