How Does Prostate Cancer Spread

When your prostate cancer begins to spread, your healthcare provider may inform you that your cancer has metastasized. Most of the time, these cancer cells might also start spreading to your lymph nodes, or even to the bones.

These cancer cells start spreading to your lungs and also the liver. However, there is no concrete evidence of cancer spreading to your brain. Although, the good news is that few cancers are known as locally advanced. In a locally advanced stage, it does not starts to spread to your other body parts.

How does Prostate Cancer Spread?

During prostate cancer, the cells separate from their original source and start spreading to your lymph or blood vessels. Then it starts moving to your entire body.

Meanwhile, tiny blood vessels, also known as capillaries, stop these cancer cells from affecting other body parts.

After few days, it once again moves by breaking the blood vessel walls and settles in nearby tissue. These cancer cells then start multiplying along with developing new blood vessels for supplying essential nutrients to the tumor.

Prostate Cancer Spread

The cancer cells during prostate cancer try to grow in your spine, pelvic bone, ribs, or lymph nodes. When few cancer cells separate from its source, it tries to develop as new tumors.

Sometimes, these cells die in your bloodstream, while the rest of them dies at a new site. Some cancer cells fail to become active even for many years. Many researchers and doctors have found out the genetic and biological subtypes of these cancers.

However, the final use of these subtypes for treating patients is still pending. The cancer cells during prostate cancer grow slowly. This means that it may take several years to become large or even detectable for treatment.

Moreover, it may also take many years to spread to other body parts from its original source, i.e. prostate. Sometimes this cancer spreads aggressively to your whole body and you need immediate screening along with correct diagnosis and treatment.

How to Detect Prostate Cancer?

Upon the detection of prostate cancer, your doctor would recommend you the following tests:

  • PET scan
  • CT scan
  • X-rays
  • MRI scan

These tests are performed for finding the spread of these cancer cells to your skeleton, abdomen, and to the pelvic region. This is also carried out to find any other indications of growth along with spread to other body parts.

Moreover, your doctor may also advise you to carry out a bone scan to detect broken bones or even bone pain. These tests will also inform your doctor about the spreading of the cancer cells to your bones.

To check the spreading, your doctor will also advise you to undergo a blood test along with checking the PSA levels. PSA stands for prostate-specific antigen and it is a protein produced in your prostate gland.

When the levels in your PSA rises, then it indicates the initial symptoms of your cancer developing inside your body. Though the rising levels in your PSA are also an indication of other infections such as enlarged prostate.

It can also indicate bad sexual activity, perineum trauma, or even an underlying infection to the prostate. This is all how does prostate cancer spreads to your body.

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