How Do You Know If You Pulled Out a Permanent Tooth

How Do You Know If You Pulled Out a Permanent ToothHow do you know if you pulled out a permanent tooth? It could be that you are experiencing a loose tooth. It can be painful and make you lose your smile.

The knocked-out permanent teeth are also referred to as avulsed teeth. According to dentists, it is considered to be among the serious dental emergencies that need immediate attention.

Injury, trauma, oral diseases, extensive tooth decay, or poor oral hygiene might cause dislodged teeth. You will require re-implanting the lost tooth.

Why Do You Need to Pull Out a Permanent Tooth?

Why & How to pull out a permanent tooth? The following instances may require immediate teeth extraction:

  • Periodontal disease may infect the alveolar bone, periodontal ligaments, gums, or other structures surrounding the teeth. Dental plaque results in bacterial growth that causes this disease. It could loosen a tooth, thus requiring extraction.
  • Severe decay if reaching the pulp region may cause infection, thus leading to irreparable tooth damage. Extraction will be essential to prevent the further spread of the infection.
  • Impacted teeth will also require extraction to avoid damaging other teeth, overcrowding, and reducing infection.


Researching the web on How do you know pulled out a permanent tooth can provide you with valuable information. If you develop signs and symptoms of a loose permanent tooth, then you should consult the dentist immediately.

Tooth extraction might be essential to avoid infections, pain, and other dental issues. Your goal should be to preserve other existing teeth for the long time possible. Contact the dentist to ensure comfortable and pain-free tooth extraction.